Business Design Leader



At Opinno, we help large corporations to transform through innovative methodologies. We see innovation as a process that begins by listening to people and understanding the technology ecosystem, and ends with the design, prototyping and validation of new products, business models and services that generate and impact society, also ensuring that in the process we help transform the company culture to achieve sustainability of the innovation discipline and the business, this being the foundation of our model: people, ideas and solutions.
At Opinno, we are looking for a Head of Business Design to join our team leading from knowledge and methodology of the Business Design discipline. If you are a person capable of uniting user, business, and technology to generate new business opportunities in our clients and you want to lead a multidisciplinary team of experts on product and service design, this is your opportunity.
As our Head of Business Design you will find the below challenges:

  • Positioning the business as a model in the field
  • Assuring business development in the discipline through the generation of new leads and business opportunities, design of new business models and opportunities for our clients, and support in the production of commercial proposals for identified challenges
  • Developing a radar of business models, trends, tools, and technologies
  • Developing own methodologies, tools, and best practices
  • Executing projects from expertise of the discipline
  • Leading, developing, and mentoring a team of experts
  • Developing and dynamizing an internal community across the discipline


  • Positioning of the discipline
    • Position the business as a model of Business Design in the field
    • Develop a channel of knowledge to generate a community through high-value content (papers, articles, LinkedIn content, trends, canvas, diagnostic tools, etc.)
    • Participate in relevant events (presentations, talks, etc.) as well as attending as a presenter
  • Business development of the discipline in existing and new clients
    • Generate a network of contacts, identify potential clients and new business opportunities, and support in business development meetings
    • Proactively generate new offerings and business opportunities to clients and non-clients
    • Generate commercial proposals from discipline expertise: proposal focus, work plan, budget, timeline, etc.
  • Continuous development of team’s skills
    • Give career follow-ups and mentor team members specializing in the discipline
    • Assure knowledge transfer of the discipline to the rest of the non-specialized team
    • Identify the team’s skill level needs relating to the discipline and develop trainings for their development
  • Delivery of discipline projects or other items to:
    • Be able to execute projects from expertise, and contribute to the team with techniques, tools, methods, and good practices
    • Assure the continuous improvement of projects through the integration of learning and contribution of new methods, tools, and best practices
  • Development of own methodology and an internal community
    • Generate own knowledge of the discipline: methodologies, tools, trends, action plans, and best practices
    • Generate, dynamize, and update an internal community about design, business models, startups, and technologies


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the development of products, services, and new business models
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in multidisciplinary team leadership and motivation
  • Advanced knowledge and demonstrable experience in design methods and tools centered on people (Design Research, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Design, Lean Startup, UX, etc.) with great experience in defining user research processes, leading field work, conducting interviews, and facilitating workshops
  • Profound knowledge in the field of startups, new business models, and new technologies
  • Ability to understand the needs of users and businesses, identify opportunities, and design new product concepts, services, and business models with a strategic, innovative focus
  • Ability to present, collaborate, and have dialogue at all levels
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for developing people
  • Organized and able to make decisions
  • Proactive, oriented toward problem resolution and analytical thought
  • Excellent teamwork skills, very oriented toward collaboration and with the ability to work in dynamic, multidisciplinary environments
  • Advanced level of English