Innovation Strategy Consultant - Barcelona

CONSULTANTS - Incorporation date: July 1, 2019

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At Opinno, we help large corporations to transform through innovative methodologies used by start-ups and entrepreneurs. We see innovation as a process that begins by listening to people and ends with the design and prototyping of new products and services that generate and impact on society, this being the foundation of our model: people, ideas and solutions.

In our Ideas division we design innovative solutions, covering different projects such as corporate culture, user experience, structural changes, design, market research and discovery trip management.

We are looking for an Innovation Strategy Consultant to join our team in Barcelona. 

At this role, you will find the following challenges:

  • Analyze project requirements in order to design the scope and implementation of value propositions.
  • Design solutions tailored to the needs of the client and project through the use of innovation methodologies (Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Open Innovation).
  • Coordination of the application of research methodologies for data collection (interviews with subject matter experts, in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc.).
  • Moderate the creation of ideas ecosystems by developing innovation frameworks.
  • Manage direct communications with clients, suppliers and stakeholders throughout project development.
  • Collect and process data extracted during the exploration and validation process.
  • Update and communicate the project status in order to advance correctly and improve quality.
  • Present the project stages and support the Project Leader in customer presentations.

What are we looking for?

  • Native level of spanish
  • 3 years previous experience in strategic, innovation or management consulting
  • Previous experience in project management and high performing team management will be highly valued
  • Proficient in graphic design (Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign) considered a plus
  • Understanding of agile and open innovation methodologies
  • Skilled in presentations and customer communications
  • Advanced level of English

Key Competences:

  • Organized and decisive, with strong analytical skills
  • Excellent team working skills, in dynamic and multidisciplinary environments
  • Detail oriented, always keeping an eye on elements that are not obvious

About Opinno's experience...

We do have the best work environment, collaborative and agile!

Experience confirms that self-management and responsibility work, so we have a flexible schedule and possibility of remote work.

We really love the shorter workdays on Fridays and Summer.

Our Team enjoys many social activities every year, because is not all about working!

We offer time and facilities for you to keep learning: English lessons and other tools you might be interested in.

Our dress code is casual.

We also give you access to a wide gyms network at a very affordable price, no excuses!

We give you the chance of having Flexible Payment Plan which allows the optimization of net annual available salary.

But, above all, we are a company committed to the global environment and if something can be improved, it will be improved: we actively participate in creating sustainable ways of doing things, we are pet friendly and we are aware that there is still too much to do through our Opinno Org.

Ready to accept this challenge?